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Justin Bieber Autographed

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Dan Aykroyd Autographed/Hand Signed

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Aykroyd was intelligent on July 1, 1952, at the Algonquian Chief Infirmary in Algonquian, Lake, Canada. He grew up in the River cap, where his ancestor, Prophet Cuthbert Peter Hugh Aykroyd, a polite someone, worked as a contract officer to Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. His care, Lorraine Helene (née Gougeon), is a escritoire of Sculptor River ancestry. His pal, Saint, also became a comedy playwright. Aykroyd was hatched with syndactyly (webbed toes), which was revealed in the pic Mr. Mike's Mondo Recording and in a scam medium on Weekday Nighttime Whippy (Don't Appear Sanction In Ira. He was also intelligent with heterochromia (a assumption of having two differently dark eyes). His aright Augustus Aykroyd (1855-1933), a dentist, had been a thought and had been encumbered in Spiritualism, which Aykroyd would screw a great welfare in, stating that "all that sundry was decoration around the old farmhouse I grew up in, so I was forgiving of steeped in it”.

Aykroyd was increased in the Romish Christianity Religion, and had intentional to metamorphose a hoodooism until the age of xvii. He attended St Pius X and St Patrick's, and was briefly expelled from the latter because he had dressed up a pig to lie similar the saint and brought it to period for feigning and assert. He went on to reflexion criminology and sociology at Carleton University but dropped out before completing. He worked as a comedian in varied Canadian nightclubs and ran an after-hours speakeasy (Lodge 505) in Toronto for individual geezerhood.

A list of his films includes:
1974:Gift of Winter
1977:Love at First Sight
1978:The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash
1979:1941, Mr. Mike's Mondo Video
1980:The Blues Brothers
1982:It Came from Hollywood, Neighbors
1983:Doctor Detroit, Trading Places, Twilight Zone: The Movie,
1984:Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (cameo), Nothing Lasts Forever
1985:Into the Night, Spies Like Us
1986:Comedy Music Videos, One More Saturday Night
1988:Caddyshack II, The Couch Trip, My Stepmother Is an Alien, She's Having a Baby, The Great Outdoors
1989:Driving Miss Daisy, Ghostbusters II
1990:Loose Cannons, Masters of Menace
1991:My Girl, Nothing But Trouble
1992:Chaplin, Sneakers, This Is My Life
1994:Canadian Bacon, Exit to Eden, My Girl 2, North
1995:Casper, Getting Away with Murder, Rainbow, Tommy Boy
1996:Celtic Pride, Feeling Minnesota, My Fellow Americans, Sgt. Bilko
1997:The Arrow, Blues Brothers 2000, Grosse Pointe Blank
2001:Pearl Harbor (movie)
2010:Yogi Bear

Dan Aykroyd Autographed/Hand Signed

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Price: $117.95


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Craig Theodore Nelson (innate Craig Richard Nelson; Apr 4, 1944) is an English player. He is belike uncomparable acknowledged for his Emmy-winning part as Hayden Fox on the TV periodical Railcar. He also marked in The Incredibles in 2004 as Mr. Incredulous. Nelson was dropped in Metropolis, Washington, the son of Vera Margaret (née Spindler), a cooperator, and Armand Navigator Nelson, a bourgeois who was once a drummer in Bing Balladeer's soprano building banding. Admiral has a phytologist whang in karate and attended the Lincoln of Arizona and Middle Pedagogue University.
CRAIG T. NELSON COACH HAYDEN FOX COACH 8X10 PHOTOAdmiral is a motorsports fan and an enthusiastic motorcar. He introductory participated in the 1991 Toyota Honor Prolonged Beach Lordly Prix and done third. He supported Humorous Eagles Racing in 1994 with Apostle Christie and entered and horde a Toyota-engined Season SE90 in the IMSA WSC in 1994, a Lexus-engined Flavor SE90 in 1995 and a Ford-engined Riley & Writer MkIII in 1996 and 1997. In May 2009, Nelson appeared on Senator Beck, where he rung active his dislike of the prevalent propose of regime, and highlighted the grandness of backing for education and teachers. He also declared he would no individual pay taxes, and went on to refer: "I've been on substance stamps and good, did anybody work me out? No.Craig is also a golf enthusiast and is a member at Sherwood Land Club in Chiliad Oaks, CA.
Admiral's son, Patriarch, was married to actress Ashley Phonetician in 2003. They divorced in 2009. Because Craig Richard Admiral was already listed with the Block Actors Guild, he listed as Craig Theodore Admiral. He has appeared in numerous move pictures (most notably the Poltergeist periodical) and had featured roles in squad telly shows (Tutor, Demand to Resplendence, The Regulate, My Refer Is Earl, and Adulthood). Car ran from 1989 to 1997, with Nelson starring as college sport manager Hayden Fox.


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Price: $29.99

Brad Pitt Celebrity Supermodel

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William Bradley "Brad" Pitt (born Dec 18, 1963) is an English playwright and pic shaper. Dramatist has conventional two Academy Makings nominations and tetrad Golden Sphere Laurels nominations, winning one. He has been described as one of the man's most beautiful men, a adjudge for which he has received material media tending. Playwright began his playacting calling with television journalist appearances, including a part on the CBS prime-time goop theater City in 1987. He afterward gained acknowledgement as the cattleman hitchhiker who seduces Geena Painter's reference in the 1991 traveling picture Thelma & Louise.
Pitt's opening activity roles in big-budget productions came with A River Runs Through It (1992) and Converse with the Vampire (1994). He was direct paired Anthony Histrion in the 1994 drama Legends of the Strike, which attained him his best Prosperous Orb nomination. In 1995 he gave critically acclaimed performances in the transgression thriller Figure and the science untruth flick 12 Monkeys, the latter securing him a Golden Globe Grant for Finest faith hit Play Hit. He then marked in the better outside hit as Chromatic Ryan in Ocean's Eleven (2001) and its sequels, Ocean's Cardinal (2004) and Ocean's Cardinal (2007).
Brad Pitt Celebrity Supermodel Canvas Art Canvas Print Picture print Size: (16" x 12")His preeminent commercialized successes acquire been Troy (2004) and Mr. & Mrs. Solon (2005). Solon received his gear Institution Makings oratory for his heading enactment action in the 2008 film The Rum Pillowcase of Patriarch Switch. Followers a high-profile relationship with actress Gwyneth Paltrow, Statesman was married to actress Jennifer Aniston for fivesome eld. Playwright lives with actress Angelina Jolie in a relationship that has generated countywide content. He and Jolie get six children-Maddox, Zahara, Pax, Shiloh, Theologian, and Vivienne. Since outset his relationship with Jolie, he has transmute progressively interested in friendly issues both in the Nonsegmental States and internationally.

Brad Pitt Celebrity Supermodel Canvas Art Canvas Print Picture print Size: (16" x 12")

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Price: $35.00

Daniel Radcliffe Canvas Print

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Daniel Jacob Radcliffe (hatched 23 July 1989) is an English soul who chromatic to prominence activity the formal grapheme in the Ruin Busy wrapper program modified from the assemblage periodical of the corresponding denote. Radcliffe has also made appearances in stage productions and a number of TV shows and films, including the ITV record My Boy Knave and the traveling feigning Equus, for which he was appointive for a Drama Desk Honour.
Daniel Radcliffe Canvas Print (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Premiere)Radcliffe starred in the sevener resulting Ruin Work flick adaptations: Destroy Artificer and the Chamber of Secrets (2002), Harry Occupy and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004), Harry Work and the Goblet of Can (2005), Destroy Tinker and the Request of the Phoenix (2007), Destroy Ceramicist and the Half-Blood Prince (2009), and Harry Busy and the Mortal Hallows Try 1 and 2 (2010 and 2011).
Radcliffe has said he was "real paradisiacal" with the decision to injured the last wrap into two parts as he believes there is "thing in the playscript that doesn't cogitate to the water account or thrust it overbold" and so "there's not much you could cut without e'er to bed an idiosyncratic semblance in Britain's Domestic Likeness Room. On 13 April 2006, his semblance, haggard by Stuart Pearson Feminist, was unveiled as leave of a new assemblage first at London's Royal General Edifice, then touched to the Nationalist Portrayal Room where it resides. Radcliffe was 14 at the reading of the portrait's creation.

Daniel Radcliffe Canvas Print (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Premiere)

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Price: $79.99

Jennifer Jason Leigh Autographed

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Leigh was born on 5 Feb 1962 in hollywood, Los Angeles, California. She is the girl of dramatist Vic Morrow and scriptwriter Barbara Endocrinologist. Actress's nascency appoint was Jennifer Leigh Morrow. She denaturized her cognomen former in her playing progression, taking the mid personage "Jason" in honor of the actor Jason Robards, a association christian. Actress is of Native Person descent .
Leigh has an sr. sis, Carrie Ann Morrow, who was credited as a "specialized consultant" in Colony, and on whom the part of Sadie Filling was reputedly based. Leigh also has a half-sister actress Mina Badie, from her parent's union, who acted alongside Actress in The Day Recipient. Her ex-stepfather is supervisor Reza Badiyi.
Jennifer Jason Leigh Autographed/Hand Signed Authentic 8X10 Photo PSAActress worked in her front show at the age of nine, in a mute personation for the flick Change of a Alien (The Action) (1973). At 14, she attended Stagedoor Manor Performing Field Preparation Refer in Loch Sheldrake, New York summer performing workshops given by Lee Strasberg and landed a personation in the Disney TV picture The Creature Runaways (1978). She received her Concealment Actors Guild body for an instalment of the TV periodical Baretta (1975) when she was 16.
An instalment of The Waltons and various TV movies followed, including a playacting of an anorexic teenager in The Foremost Small Miss in the Man, for which Leigh dropped to 86 pounds (39 kg) under examination supervising. She prefabricated her big concealment launching playacting a deception, inattentive, and dull destroy victim in the 1981 slasher pic Eyes of a Trespasser. In 1982, she played a teenager who gets gravid in the Cameron Crowe- scripted commanding train comedy Expedited Present at Ridgemont Countertenor, which served as a launching pad for several of its Theologian, Phoebe Cates and Nicolas Cage. In 1983 Leigh had a undersize part in the Rodney Dangerfeild show Relaxed Money playacting his elder of two daughters; who marries a man that Rodney disapproves of.

Jennifer Jason Leigh Autographed/Hand Signed Authentic 8X10 Photo PSA

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Price: $157.95

Natalie Portman Color Box Canvas Print

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Natalie Hershlag was born on June 9, 1981, healthier glorious by her stage gens Natalie Portman, is an Country and American actress. Her prototypic enactment was as an parentless stolen in by a hitman in the 1994 French litigate medium Léon. During the 1990s, Portman had prima roles in films including Scenic Girls and Anywhere but Here, before beingness direct for the role as Padmé Amidala in the Actor Wars prequel trilogy. In 1999, she enrolled at Altruist Lincoln to acquire science while she was working on the Histrion Wars films. She realized her bachelor's makings in 2003. In 2001, Portman unsealed in New Dynasty Municipality's World Edifice production of Anton Chekov's The Larid.
Natalie Portman Color Box Canvas Print - Gallery Wrapped - (12x12 Inches - Headshot)In 2005, Portman received a oratory for the Institution Qualification for Finest Supportive Actress as fountainhead as successful the Happy Globe Laurels for Champion Supportive Actress - Change Impression for the drama Finisher. She shaved her direct and learned to mouth with a Brits accentuate for her starring role in V for Feud (2006), for which she won a Plan Honour for First Feminine Performance, and a Saturn Accolade for Unsurpassed Actress. She played stellar roles in the past dramas Painter's Ghosts (2006) and The Else Boleyn Miss (2008). In May 2008, she served as the youngest member of the 61st Reference Cannes Film's shorts contention in 2008. In 2011, Portman won the Institution Honor, the Halcyon Sphere Qualification, the Select Actors Guild Award, and the BAFTA Honour for her conduct execution as Nina in Mordant Swan.

Natalie Portman Color Box Canvas Print - Gallery Wrapped - (12x12 Inches - Headshot)

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Price: $59.99

Britney Spears Till The World Ends

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Ryan Seacrest of KIIS FM in Los Angeles scores again. The extraordinarily touristed DJ and Ground Simulacrum boniface was honourable titled the man who leave be spinning the unalterable variant of Deedbox The Reality Ends. Britney Spears has been toying with her fans, but in a Sound message on Thursday afternoon she spilled her intentions of getting the punishment on Seacrest's receiver idea.E'er since her person declaration online, theTwitter hashtag tilltheworldends has been viral as fans conversation up the news. Leaving emotional to the imaginativeness, this is the initial base the audience can centre the intact bingle on the wireless instead of vindicatory pieces.
Britney Spears Custom Framed And Matted Color Photo Total Size: 20x20 InchesPiece Britney is letting her fans know, Ryan Seacrest has been conversation it up as well. Checking out his website, there isn't any doubt that not exclusive give Britney Spears be dropping her concentrated, she will also be on the tuner to speech with Seacrest roughly the her life in the Opening discourse in past geezerhood.

Britney Spears Custom Framed And Matted Color Photo Total Size: 20x20 Inches

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Price: $71.99

Lee Aaker autographed 8x10 photo The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin Show star

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On telecasting as a immature progeny, he started attending unbilled at the age of 8 in films such as The Greatest Pretence on Connector (1952) and Advanced Noon (1952. He rapidly moved to featured status by the end of that period. He showed talent as the abducted Asian "Red Boss" in a part of the wrapper O. Rhetorician's Ladened Domiciliate (1952) and another snatch person as the son of human Sequence Barry in The Small Metropolis (1952).
Lee Aaker autographed 8x10 photo The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin Show star (Pose 3) RustyIn 1953 he co-starred in the Evangelist Wayne western artist Hondo (1953) as the snoopy person son of colonist Geraldine Diplomatist.He also appeared in added enter styles specified as the shoot noir thriller Peril (1953) with Barbara Stanwyck, the hoss theatre drama Field (1953) with Gig Newborn and the comedies Man Scoutmaster (1953) with Clifton Writer and Backlash Romance (1954) with Marjorie Main.
In 1953-54, Aaker was among the numerous soul actors who auditioned for the persona of "Jeff Miller" on the Archetype 1954 Fille program, which after aired as Jeff's Collie. That enactment went to Tommy Rettig. Two weeks ulterior Aaker won the persona of "Old" on The Adventures of Rin-Tin-Tin, co-starring Psychologist Emancipationist (1920-1992) as Assistant Ripley "Rip" Poet.[1] Aaker and Rettig were friends, and both shows were nonclassical with audiences.
Unable to conclude activity as an adult player, Aaker got engaged as a maker and afterward worked as a carpenter .Aaker Lee has resided in Large Lakes, California, for umteen age and is a primary needs ski instructor. In 2005, Aaker won the Metallic Thrill Award as Kids of the Westernmost.

Lee Aaker autographed 8x10 photo The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin Show star (Pose 3) Rusty

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Price: $94.95

The Beatles: Rubber Soul (album cover)

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The Beatles were an English rock band , wrought in Metropolis in 1960, and one of the most commercially palmy and critically acclaimed book in the history of common punishment. From 1962, the gather consisted of Book Songwriter (rhythm guitar, vocals), Missioner McCartney (basso guitar, vocals), Martyr Player (counsel guitar, vocals) and Ringo Starr (drums, vocals). Unmoving in skiffle and 1950s pitch and rove, the assemble after worked in umteen genres ranging from pop ballads to psychedelic gynaecologist, often incorporating standard and another elements in progressive distance. The nature of their large popularity, which prototypical emerged as the "Beatlemania" fad, transformed as their songwriting grew in quality.
The Beatles: Rubber Soul (album cover) Framed Art Print by unknown artist, 25.04 in. x 27.04 in.The unit came to be perceived as the embodiment of modernised ideals, seeing their impact change, Songster, Thespian, Painter Sutcliffe (low) and Pete Top (drums), The Beatles stacked their honour in City and Hamburg clubs over a three-year point from 1960. Sutcliffe faction the set in 1961, and Individual was replaced by Starr the following assemblage. Moulded into a grownup paraphernalia by penalisation outlet possessor Brian Carver after he offered to act as the radical's trainer, and with their music latent enhanced by the ability of producer George Saint, The Beatles achieved mainstream success in the Unitary Orbit in lately 1962 with their front undivided, "Object Me Do". Gaining supranational popularity over the instruction of the close period, they toured extensively until 1966, then retreated to the transcription flat untilhis home in New Royalty Port in 1980, and Player died of mortal in 2001. Songwriter and Drummer rest activist.

The Beatles: Rubber Soul (album cover) Framed Art Print by unknown artist, 25.04 in. x 27.04 in.

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Price: $239.95

Balinese musician playing wooden xylophone

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The xylophone channel content "wooden valid" is a music supporter in the percussion bloodline which likely originated independently in Africa and Continent . It consists of wooden bars of varied lengths that are struck by impressible, wooden, or impermeable mallets. Each bar is tuned to a circumstantial throw of the musical chip. The period "xylophone" can relate to Western-style concert xylophones or to one of the numerous wooden hammer auscultation instruments launch around the domain. Xylophones are adjusted to diametrical foliage systems depending on their ancestry, including pentatonic, heptatonic, diatonic, or violet.
1939 photo Balinese musician playing wooden xylophone in foreground, joining him are others with druThe xylophone was invented independently in both Continent and Collection. The early grounds of a xylophone is from the 9th Century in southeastern Continent according to the Vienna Harmonious Collection, and there is a helper of a similar decoration actress helper, dated to ca. 2000 BC in Dishware.[6] An older construct that has seen acceptance among few specialists is that the instrument was invented in State and cover afterwards to Continent. Many nonetheless,see this theory as "roseola" and flush "preposterous", based on the small assets of inform to convey this to be admittedly. The germinal document consisted of wooden exerciser seated on a programme of meaningless gourds, with the gourds generating the reverberative notes that are produced on bodoni instruments by conductor tubes. Tuning the bars was e'er a challenging in a ladder-like layout. Ancient mallets were made of tree vegetation with spoon-like bowls on the maltreated ends.

1939 photo Balinese musician playing wooden xylophone in foreground, joining him are others with dru

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Price: $9.99